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BRICKLIVE Press Officer Mark Guest reports China

After I completed my visit to Jakarta (see previous blogs),, before going home I decided to make the most of my geographical location and take a trip to see our BRICKLIVE partners in China as they prepared the venue for our first BRICKLIVE Centre in China, Fulong resort, for opening.

Fulong Chongli is undergoing development of its ski resort and is one of several Beijing sites getting the Olympic touch in anticipation of hosting the 2022 Winter games. However the reason I was heading to the northern regions of China was not to see how the snowboard ramps were coming along, but to catch up with our local team to take a look at the latest BRICKLIVE permanent space. Located on the top floor of the beautiful new Four Seasons Hall, Snow Park preparations were reaching their final stages as this custom built space readied for the delivery of bricks.

The journey from Beijing airport was not short of adventure as the road weaved past some impressive recognisable sites including the Olympic ‘Birds Nest’ stadium and probably more famously the Great Wall of China, making the three hours pass seamlessly. Arriving at Fulong it was hard not to be instantly impressed with the work going on. New houses, facilities and complexes were springing up across the entire landscape all of which was neatly framed by the sculpted mountains boasting new ski runs and lifts.    

It was already clear that the venue was going to be the perfect place for visitors to enjoy a BRICKLIVE event but that feeling became even more so as the lift doors opened onto the fourth floor revealing the giant winter sport, brick-built mosaic, it was quite the welcome. Looking left and right and ready to begin my inspection of the progress made I grew more excited. There were structures everywhere. The entire floor had been turned this into some sort of adventure land for brick fans. All the different areas and rooms where made to look like mini houses that children could explore, it was like a magical world of its own. Curved walls directed my eyes to two giant mushrooms sporting windows and doors, exposing more play zones for the sure to be excited visitors. I felt like Alice in Wonderland, brightly coloured designs, fun houses and zones all ready for the BRICKLIVE content.

Fulong is set to take the BRICKLIVE experience to another level and will sure be a great attraction for all visitors. Before I left the installation of some specially commissioned statues (including Snow Leopard, Polar Bear and Dragon) had started. This is going to be a great place to play with the brick and I cannot wait to return when it opens later this year.