In September 2017 Brick Live Far East Limited and Fortune Access Ltd entered into a joint venture agreement for a jointly owned company in China (Bricklive China Centre Education Technology (Beijing) Co. Limited, 49% owned by Bricklive Far East Limited and 51% owned by Fortune Access Ltd).

BRICKLIVE FAR EAST LIMTED – partly owned by LVCG and Bricklive International and based out of Hong Kong.
FORTUNE ACCESS LTD – Established in 2005 and started as a property investment company in Hong Kong as a liaison to the Chinese market.

In 2014, in response to a Chinese government national call, Fortune Access Ltd. went on to invest in the Chinese winter Olympic concept product SkyTechSport Ski simulators. Used as essential components of educational courses, the simulators were sent to Primary and Middle schools across China. The two major shareholder of the company are Sarah Chong Yuet and Simon Tang.

The joint venture is currently working towards promoting and producing BRICKLIVE events in China, it currently has two confirmed BRICKLIVE Centres, the first of which opened in Fulong at the beginning of July, second will open in Shanghai in autumn 2018, and a series of agreements enabling the launch of BRICKLIVE Cafes and BRICKLIVE Kids concepts across the region.