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Live Company Group is a Public Limited Company incorporated in England and Wales.

Live Company Group (LVCG) plc is a live events and entertainment group. LVCG was founded in 2017 by its Chairman David Ciclitira and was admitted to trading on the AIM market in December 2017 following the reverse acquisition of Brick Live Group and Parallel Live Group by Live Company Group plc (previously Parallel Media Group plc).

LVCG owns the BRICKLIVETM brand. BRICKLIVE is a global content provider for brick-based events, focused on creating an environment that encourages interactive play, fosters creativity, collaboration and physical experiences in an inclusive and safe environment.

Our production unit, Bright Bricks produces our mesmerising models.

BRICKLIVE is independent of, and not associated with the LEGO Group of companies. 

Since it first started, BRICKLIVETM has grown rapidly in Europe, Asia, South and North America with 18 events held in 2017, 34 events held in 2018 and 71 shows and events in 2019. We’ve now reached a total of 123 events to date with more to follow. We look forward to growing the brand and working with partners across the world to deliver memorable and enjoyable experiences at our BRICKLIVETM events.

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Handshakes over a polar bear

In October 2018, LVCG announced the acquisition of Bright Bricks.

Bright Bricks is one of the world’s premier brick model building companies with self contained design and fabrication facilities at its factory in Bordon, Hampshire.

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Handshakes over a polar bear

In September 2018, Parallel Live announced a joint venture agreement with Three Six Zero for BRICKLIVE in USA and Canada. A new company Parallel Three Six Zero has been formed. Parallel Three Six Zero has agreed terms with Live Nation Entertainment for the launch of these events. The first event took place at The Star in Frisco on 26 and 27th January 2019.

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Handshakes over a polar bear

29 November 2017: Parallel Media Group plc today announces that it has conditionally agreed to acquire Brick Live and Parallel Live, to create a new live entertainment events company – Live Company Group – and bring BRICKLIVE to London’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM).

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Delivering BRICKLIVETM ‘edutainment’ experiences that are memorable for our customers and partners, is integral to underpinning the performance of the Group. We will work with customers and partners to produce incredible bespoke models. We will continue to work with global partners and establish multi-year partnerships that will support the strategic growth of the Group and deliver value for our shareholders. 

We will do this through the following core activities:

  •  Content producer of brick-based models and statues

  • Promoting BRICKLIVETM events

  • Content provider for BRICKLIVETM shows and exhibitions

  •  Content producer of BRICKLIVETM touring assets

  • Producer of bespoke corporate commissions

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We are committed to reviewing our environmental policy with regards to plastic consumption. We are proud to produce fantastic models that can be enjoyed by all, the models have a ten year life span although individual bricks can be used for a significantly longer period and be deemed ‘bricks for life’.

We are proud to be creating touring assets which can be exhibited in zoos across the world. Some of our tours comprise of endangered and/or extinct animals which are not always available to discover in zoos.

In September 2018 we announced the Group and our Partner in China, BRICKLIVE Centre Education Technology (Beijing) Co., Limited entered into a partnership with The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation to launch BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise in China. We are working with the foundation and our local partner to educate children in China about the need to protect and preserve the environment, endangered species and biodiversity. We have produced a book to support the touring Animal Paradise exhibition and to educate visitors on each animal, explaining their habitat and how we can aid their survival.

We have also donated to our partner charity The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation to fund new initiatives to protect and conserve endangered species and biodiversity.

We are a global brand providing content around the world and are therefore conscious of our carbon footprint, which is why we will seek to deliver as many tours and models using sea freight, where practical and possible. Furthermore, we are establishing touring asset collections which will remain in certain geographic regions around the world to ensure transport distances are minimised.

A brick tger in Beijing
Helping children to appreciate endangered animals

Copyright © Live Company Group plc. Brick Live Group Limited is an independent producer of BRICKLIVETM and is not associated with The LEGO Group. All rights reserved. LEGO® is a trademark of LEGO Juris A/S.

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