Croydon’s BRICKLIVE summer

Zoe Aris from our events team has been busy in South London.

Posted by Zoe Aris on August 28, 2019

BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise poster in Croydon
Croydon welcomes BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise

We have just completed the third and final back-to-back installation of BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise mini. The models are taking up residency in three venues in Croydon, namely the Centrale & Whitgift Shopping Centres as well as the local library for 3 weeks.

BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise turtle
The turtle at home in the library
BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise snow leopard and penguin
Winter is already here at the shopping centre

As soon as I got off the train in Croydon, I was delighted to be greeted by a very large BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise advertisement.

We first dropped the turtle and the macaws off at the local library where we were greeted by a very excited client who was absolutely thrilled with our creations. With the blue carpet and small boat like windows, I knew the turtle was right at home!

We then went to the shopping centres where we had to park the lorry along a quiet residential road. Unloading the models was fun as we spent a lot of time weaving and avoiding the hanging flower baskets along the way.

Croydon has fully embraced the BRICKLIVE experience, with two brick pits, a play table to allow young guests to build models, an incredible 25 sqm mosaic produced by Fairy Bricks, and of course, 1,000 makes and takes (which are very popular). We know this will definitely excite fans and young visitors alike in Croydon.

BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise models
The BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise models ready for visitors to admire

Having Animal Paradise in three locations back-to-back over the last 7 weeks has presented some minor logistical challenges, but with a lot of organisation, preparation and forward thinking with regards to the logistics, I am very proud that we have successfully installed the show within such tight timeframes. As always, we have received brilliant feedback from all of our clients.

I write this as I fly back from my site visit to the amazing Burgers Zoo in Holland, where we will be installing BRICKLIVE Safari in October this year.

When I'm back in the office, the team and I be preparing for the 7 shows we will be installing and derigging in just the first two weeks of September (wish us luck)! 

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