Big Cats at Banham

Banham Zoo welcomed visitors back with BRICKLIVE Big Cats which meant a trip to Norfolk for Zoe and Nik.

Posted by Zoe Aris on July 31st, 2020

BRICKLIVE Big Cats tour models
Banham Zoo’s cheetahs get their lunch delivered but the BRICKLIVE cheetah has to work for it

It's International Tigers day so what better way to celebrate than to install BRICKLIVE Big Cats into Banham Zoo, whilst Kuzma the Siberian tiger eyes us up for his lunch!

Kuzma the Siberian tiger
Kuzma checks out the BRICKLIVE Big Cats models
BRICKLIVE Big Cats tour model
The Big Cats tour has 12 amazing feline installations

The SnowmanTM and the Snowdog tour went to Banham Zoo last Christmas but the BRICKLIVE Big Cats show was mine and Nik's first time to the zoo. Norfolk is renowned for how flat it is and the zoo wasn't any different which, we were grateful for as I think we may have struggled getting up any hills (thanks to large amounts of lockdown baking). 

Whilst we were installing, a few customers started entering the zoo and they were so impressed with the models. A lot of the times we install shows out of hours so we do not usually get to see the publics reactions, so it was lovely to be able to interact and share some of our BRICKLIVE knowledge. Banham Zoo wanted to use the BRICKLIVE Big Cats tour to show their appreciation and to say a massive thank you to their guests as well as an extra special welcome back treat. 

BRICKLIVE African leopard model
The African leopard has over 82,000 bricks in it

Nik and I will be heading back down to Devon next week to install BRICKLIVE Safari at Paighton Zoo, hopefully it will stay nice and sunny!

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