LVCG is pleased to announce the launch of the BRICKLIVE ASEAN Tour with a show in Jakarta, Indonesia, running for ten days from 7th – 17th June 2018.

The impressive BRICKLIVE stage

The show will be hosted in and split across two floors of the impressive PIK Avenue lifestyle and shopping mall in Jakarta.

The event is being run in partnership with Thai entertainment conglomerate, BEC-Tero Entertainment Public Company Limited.

Sponsorship of the event is coming from Tokopedia, an online retailer. Tokopedia are using virtual reality to engage audiences using VR technology in PIK Avenue with LEGO-themed stands throughout the mall.

The official bank sponsor is CIMB Niaga, who have a digital lounge in the shopping centre featuring BRICKLIVE promotional content. Additionally, they are promoting the shows throughout their various channels.

Other sponsorship comes in the form of a media and communications partnership with In Season. There are 12 other media partners including, 90.4 Cosmopolitan FM, and

BRICKLIVE Press Officer Mark Guest interviewed before opening

Neil Thompson, CEO, BECTERO: “We are all very excited that we are able to launch the BRICKLIVE Tour in Asia. Jakarta is going to be a first great event and we are looking forward to taking the tour to Thailand and then travelling to Malaysia and Singapore in November.”

David Ciclitira, Executive Chairman of LVCG: “To begin the ASEAN tour with such a strong ten-day show in the prestigious PIK Avenue demonstrates our belief in BRICKLIVE and our ambitions for the brand. The event incorporates such an impressive variety of attractions, from dancing to VR, adding to the universal appeal of the BRICKLIVE offering. That we have been able to secure specially commissioned models as teasers of the ASEAN Tour locations to come is particularly exciting and we cannot wait to take the show around the region.”

A copy of this announcement is available on our RNS page.


LVCG is pleased to announce the launch in China of BRICKLIVE Kids, the latest venture in the expansion of the BRICKLIVE brand.

BRICKLIVE Kids will be a permanent childcare crèche, where children can enjoy BRICKLIVE’s classic brick pits in a space of around 100sqm, and will have the safety of full time supervision whilst parents go shopping.

A five-year non-exclusive contract has been signed by Bricklive Centre Education Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd, Bricklive Group’s joint venture partners in China, with Zhuang Xiang Education Consultant (Beijing) Company Ltd. 

BRICKLIVE Kids is coming to Beijing

The first BRICKLIVE Kids will launch at the end of 2018 at New Yansha mall in Beijing, China, with plans to launch 5 additional BRICKLIVE Kids locations over the next 5 years.

David Ciclitira: Executive Chairman at Live Company Group, said: “The BRICKLIVE brand continues to prove its versatility and BRICKLIVE centres now feature in cities around the world in venues ranging from ski resorts to shopping malls. LEGO® bricks are used throughout Chinese educational practices and so to be able to tap into the awareness of how it can help children is a prospect we relish and one we are sure will be a huge success.”

A copy of this announcement is available for download on our RNS page.  


LVCG is pleased to announce that BRICKLIVE Kids’ Café is launching next month in the world famous and neo-futuristic Dongdaemun Design Plaza (“DDP”) in Seoul, South Korea.

Working in partnership with Korean food Celebrity Hino, BRICKLIVE Kids Café will be a permanent venue featuring magnificent LEGO® animals such as a leopard, a lion cub, two macaws and the fan-favourite Feed the Frog game. As well as the dramatic models, the café will also feature BRICKLIVE’s top attractions, including a brick pit, an interactive graffiti wall and racetracks. 

The venue for the Café is itself immensely impressive. DDP is a major urban development landmark in Seoul, and a cultural hub in the historical district of Dongdaemun, South Korea's largest fashion district and popular tourist destination. Designed by British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, winner of the 2004 Pritzker Prize, the DDP was one of the driving forces behind Seoul's designation as World Design Capital in 2010 and it has been lauded as the new hub for design and modern culture in South Korea.

Hino is well known in Korea for designing, creating and launching brands and restaurants around Korea and the Far East. As a result, she is the perfect partner as BRICKLIVE looks to engage new demographics around the world. 

David Ciclitira, Executive Chairman at Live Company Group, said: “Having signed the contract for the launch of 100 Kids’ Cafés by 2022 across China, we are delighted to launch the first BRICKLIVE Kids’ Café in Korea, marking a new license strand for the Brick Live Group. As Korea’s presence on the global stage grows, we are excited to be working with Hino at launch to help amplify the BRICKLIVE brand among new audiences and current fans. To be able to help the BRICKLIVE brand grow with a permanent presence in the spectacular DDP is an opportunity we are looking forward to seeing develop.”

You can read the full statement on the BRICKLIVE Kids’ Café on our RNS page and listen to an interview with David Ciclitira about the new Kids’ Café in Seoul here:


LVCG is pleased to announce the launch of Brick Live International Limited’s latest venture: BRICKLIVE Kids’ Club, having signed a three-year contract with South Korea’s Haevichi Hospitality Guam Inc. 

BRICKLIVE Kids’ Club will be a permanent hotel fixture, creating a colourful 100sqm play zone with 18,000 bricks. It will include a brick pit, BRICKLIVE Build Zones featuring LEGO® Friends and City bricks, a graffiti wall and race track zone.

The concept is a mini version of the two larger BRICKLIVE Centres already located in shopping centres in Seoul.

David Ciclitira, executive chairman at Live Company Group, said: “BRICKLIVE Kids’ Club is another exciting opportunity for BRICKLIVE. Built for LEGO® enthusiasts, BRICKLIVE shows have quickly become some of the world’s fastest growing LEGO-based experiences worldwide and we are very excited to extend mini BRICKLIVE hubs into hospitality spaces to make BRICKLIVE even more accessible. I am personally passionate about providing a learning environment where children can experience that there is no limit to their creativity – so launching a club especially for kids, with the opportunity to scale via our network, felt like a natural step.” 

You can read the full statement on the BRICKLIVE Kids’ Club on our RNS page. 


Even the sun came out for the second offering from BRICKLIVE Basel, as Mark Guest reports. 

BRICKLIVE has returned to Basel for its second year. Opening its doors on one of the hottest April weekends the Swiss city had seen for decades did not deter the crowds from pouring in to see what year two had to offer.

The build up to this event had been epic as months of preparation and promotion, had teased the public with plenty of exciting new features to explore. Taking centre stage of this excitement was the giant 1200 square metre Safari exhibit. Over 80 creature features filled this interactive space containing everything from a giant 2.6m high Bengal tiger to brick-built butterflies. Decorated with foliage, banners and camouflage netting this amazing new zone sprawled around the venues central column like some-sort of magical wildlife park. Fans snapped away at the amazing statues, took part in the giant hippo collaborative build and found gaming fun in the feed the frogs area and giant brick pit. Safari was packed with smiling fans and had already proved a huge hit.

However this central feature was far from the only highlight. New to this BRICKLIVE event were the themed, ever-popular brickpits. For example the large blue pit was transformed into a beach area, with inflatable toys, palm trees and deck chairs surrounding the shimmering blue bricks. Meanwhile down at the black and yellow pit stood a spooky looking raised viewing platform, hiding underneath it a enclosed Batcave for visitors to play in. In fact it would be fair to say the finishing touches through this event were spectacular. The City builder zone was a particular favourite. Surrounded with construction paraphernalia including a barriers, real digger and even hard hats for the builders to wear. The Star Wars zone had also seen an enhancement from last year as beyond the diorama and building section was a Free-to-use prop-filled themed photo booth plus an impressive display of historic sets from across the years of official LEGO releases.

Fans could not fail to be entertained at this impressive brick-filled spectacle. The consoles pods were packed with children playing Minecraft and Dimensions, towering structures were heading roof bound in architecture and the loose bricks in the pits were quickly being transformed into some of the most creative structures we have seen. Bargains were being grabbed from the Brick Lane traders and it was smiles all round as families reluctantly left after the first day.

It would seem the sun shone brightly, inside and out this weekend in Basel with visitors travelling from afar to witness what has become a very noteworthy event. 


LVCG is pleased to announce the debut of a new division, BRICKLIVE Touring, which will take themed BRICKLIVE shows on tour. The first exhibition, entitled BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise, is designed to educate the LEGO fan community about endangered species and will feature more than 65 LEGO animals, including a full-size African elephant and a snow leopard.

LVCG’s David Ciclitira Executive Chairman of LVCG stated: “This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for BRICKLIVE, which we are looking to launch and expand within our Asian markets initially. We believe that the creation of these species in LEGO bricks, together with a tailored educational programme, will be an incredibly powerful way to raise awareness of the vital need to protect endangered species, among both parents and children, while also providing a unique platform to further strengthen and grow the BRICKLIVE brand around the world.”

You can read a full RNS on the new division by clicking the button below and downloading the latest release.

David Ciclitira comments on the China announcement

Live Company Group Executive Chairman David Ciclitira has been interviewed by Andrew Scott of Proactive Investors about the new contracts in China.


LVCG is pleased to announce that Brick Live Centre Education Development (Beijing) Limited (“BL China”), a joint venture of Bricklive Far East Limited, a subsidiary of LVCG, has entered into a contract with new licensee in China to open a second permanent BRICKLIVE centre in China.

Pursuant to the agreement, BL China will open a second permanent BRICKLIVE centre in China in Shanghai in the Autumn of 2018, to be managed and operated by the licensee, Wuhan Realjoy Children Park Management Co. Ltd – a subsidiary of Wuhan DDMC Culture Company Limited. This will follow the opening of the first permanent BRICKLIVE centre in China, opening in May 2018 in the ski resort of Fulong Chongli, an Olympic venue for the Beijing 2022 Winter Games.

LVCG is also pleased to announce that it has secured a 5-year licensing deal with Cross Media Group of Seoul, South Korea, for the exclusive right to open and operate BRICKLIVE branded kids cafes (“Cafes”) in China. Under the agreement, a minimum of five Cafes will be launched in 2018, rising to 30 by the end of 2019, and 100 by the end of 2022.

LVCG's Executive Chairman David Ciclitira stated: “BRICKLIVE is a global brand with an already firm foothold in 17 countries, so we are very excited to extend our reach further into the Far East with two permanent centres in China. We are excited to be working closely with LEGO® in China, a hugely important market for both us and LEGO who recently announced double- digit growth in the region in 2017. We are looking forward to further building our presence there via exhibitions and shows as well as BRICKLIVE events in coming years.”

A full update regarding these contracts is available for download on our RNS page.


The BRICKLIVE Japan tour has returned to Osaka after its success there last year. 

2017 was a great year for the BRICKLIVE brand in Japan with five new events opening across the country (Fukuoka, Yokohama, Shizuoka, Kyoto, Osaka). 

This momentum has been instantly carried through to 2018 as the Numaza event became the first BRICKLIVE event of the year and now the show has returned to Osaka for the second time.  Once again visitors have been enjoying all the favourite features from the Star Wars zone and Minecraft build area to brick pits and graffiti wall. During the show there was the chance to enjoy LEGO® themed workshops with expert builders and explore the amazing fan creations in the BRICKLIVE museum. 

Big Fun in the Big Apple

LEGOLIVE NYC completes its first outing as thousands enjoy a brick-filled weekend, as Mark Guest reports.

“You’ve been amazing New York” echoed from the stage, as the crowd gave a final cheer signifying the end of what was a fantastic weekend of LEGO® building fun. It all started at 2pm on Friday February 16, as crowds of VIK ticket holders poured through the doors for their first taste of LEGOLIVE NYC. They were to be greeted by what was one of the most diverse and interactive events to date, heavily focussed on the “build, learn, create” tagline. Alongside all the normal building zones, this show boasted some exciting new activities from global experts in their field.

Visitors were spoilt for choice as the Immersive Minds team of experts took Minecraft to a new level across two zones. In zone one, children were encouraged to create a story on paper before bringing their scribblings to life using the physical brick, bringing their literal tale to life. However it didn’t stop there as they could then move their creation into one of many stop motion animation booths were they were taught how to create a mini movie out of their tale.

Zone two invited the Minecraft faithful to build digital worlds that they could then visit via VR headsets. Watching the reactions of the children as they climbed and explored their unique universe was a sight to behold. Amidst the smiles on the other side of the zone fans were building on-screen models which were then printed out on 3d printers to take home. The speed at which children grasped all this technology was impressive to say the least.

To reinforce my statement that the show was packed with experts, you only had to turn your head to the Mindstorms and Boost zones where teams of professionals were taking visitors of all ages through the amazing world of motorised and robotic LEGO, making coding a far less daunting task whilst entertaining with fun games like robot sumo.

It seemed that throughout the entire weekend there wasn’t a zone not packed with adoring fans, in fact sessions were sold out on Saturday and word had clearly spread as Sunday saw the queues for door tickets spiral around the venue. One area that was particularly popular was the incredible live stage that hosted fun and games all day long, including appearances from YouTube superstars Rebrickulus and internet phenomena’s Vikkstar, Ali-A and Clare Siobhan. All this intertwined with Master builder sessions led to a very entertaining event throughout.

It would be hard not to argue this was a great event that was consumed with vigour by the adoring public as they turned up in their masses. Big smiles were all around with many requesting another show soon… watch this space.

A message from the MD

The Brick-tacular LEGO® LIVE NYC prepares to open its doors

It’s set to be a show like no other! LEGO LIVE NYC is a full on immersive experience all based around the beloved LEGO® Brick. There will be everything from hands-on building activities, live stage performances, YouTube celebrities and much, much more.

LEGO LIVE NYC will include a range of interactive themed play zones, each offering a distinct experience – from classic building challenges to using coding and robotic technology to program a multifunctional model. In fact, the show has its own dedicated Mindstorms and Boost zone where visitors will be able learn from a team of expert programmers and builders. This is the first event to feature LEGO® Boost with such prominence. With these attractions plus even more added to the line-up, this is a must-attend event for any LEGO fan,

Also on hand will be LEGO® Master Builder Chris Steininger, who will be interacting with fans at his builder help desk in between live performances on the stage. However, Chris is not the only celebrity to be gracing the live stage over the next three days. The show also welcomes the sensational Rebrickulus team, YouTube hotshots Ali-A, Clare Siobhan and Vikkstar who will all be on hand for meet and greets alongside performing some crazy live stage LEGO® themed activities. Continuing the high-energy entertainment will be the TTV channel team as they bring their on screen Boost® expertise to the live arena.

Beyond the live stage visitors will be able to explore the latest LEGO building sets, compete in exciting building challenges, and take photos with LEGO models based on beloved iconic characters. There is multiple themed zones from all your favourite LEGO properties including Star Wars™, Friends, Creator, Technic, Architecture and NINJAGO®, to name but a few.

The Minecraft zones will be an area of particular excitement, as Stephen Reid and his team of experts will be taking building to the next level, assisting fans to bring their brick-built and digital creations into the worlds of augmented reality and VR. Also for those fans looking to keep their models his team will be on hand to convert them into 3D printed models.

Parallel Live’s Managing Director Andy Smith: “I’m happy to announce the launch of LEGO LIVE NYC. Our collaboration with LEGO on this event has resulted in what is probably one of our most exciting shows to date and I look forward to this being the first of many."

There is so much to enjoy at LEGO LIVE NYC its no wonder that the excitement is building as it prepares to open it doors at Pier 36 this Friday (February 16 -18). 

You can read more from New York on our Blog pages

BRICKLIVE Christmas Event Report

The first BRICKLIVE Christmas event has concluded at the Saatchi Gallery in London. 

Download the event report

Live Company Group signs significant Brazil deal 

• New six-year contract sealed for BRICKLIVE events in Brazil
• Oversubscribed placing to raise £1.6 million at 35p per share
• Miton Group plc and others join register as institutional investors
• Shard Capital Partners LLP appointed as joint broker

LONDON, 8th JANUARY – Live Company Group (LVCG) today announces that Bricklive International Limited (BLI), a subsidiary of the newly acquired Bricklive Group Limited, has entered into a six-year contract with Universal Entretenimento e Produções LTDA (UEP) for BRICKLIVE events in Brazil. The contract provides for a guaranteed 30 events every 15 months, increasing the number of contracted BRICKLIVE events in 2018 to approximately 60 – twice the number of shows previously contracted for the year.

BRICKLIVE events have received widespread acclaim as a leading network of partner-driven shows designed to showcase the benefits of LEGO® as an educational tool worldwide. Under the agreement, UEP will organise, promote and stage each BRICKLIVE event, while BLI will source and provide the content. BLI will receive license fees with the potential for further revenues through merchandising and additional content income.

To support the continued expansion of BRICKLIVE's increased network in South America and Asia, LVCG today also announces that it has raised £1.6 million (gross) through an oversubscribed private placing by Shard Capital Partners LLP of 4,571,425 new ordinary shares of 1p each in the company at a price of 35p per new share.

The new shares rank pari passu with the company’s existing issued shares and are being issued under the company’s existing share authorities. The placing price represents a discount of 18 per cent. to the closing price on 5 January 2018 and a premium of 17 per cent. to the price of the company’s placing completed in December 2017. Dealings on AIM are expected to commence on 15January 2018.

LVCG has also appointed Shard Capital Partners LLP as its joint broker alongside existing broker and nominated adviser Stockdale Securities Limited.

LVCG's Executive Chairman David Ciclitira stated: “To start 2018 with such a significant increase in contracted events speaks volumes for the success of the BRICKLIVE brand. Having had such a successful start to the year, I look forward to continued growth in 2018, especially in our expanded emerging markets. We are delighted to welcome our new institutional and other investors to the register, including Miton Group plc.”

Coverage of the latest announcement

David Ciclitira comments on the Brazil announcement

Live Company Group Executive Chairman David Ciclitira appeared on Proactive Investors to comment on news from Brazil.

BRICKLIVE Japan hosts 1st show of 2018

The 2018 tour has been successfully launched in Numazu, Japan. The city is located in eastern Shizouka Prefecture, about 130km west of Tokyo. 

The show, which ran from 5-8th January, was the first BRICKLIVE show of the year. Many more exciting events will follow including events in New York in February, Basel in April and the launch of the ASEAN tour.


The company behind the successful BRICKLIVE events has now listed on London’s stock exchange.

On the 22nd December 2017 the newly formed ‘Live Company Group’ (formerly trading as Parallel Media Group) listed on London’s Junior stock exchange with a valuation of £14.5m. This announcement received a warm welcome from the markets and media with numerous mainstream bodies reporting positively on this news.

Specialising in LEGO® themed events the Company has experienced a dramatic rise in business throughout 2017 launching 17 shows across four continents (North America, South America, Europe and Asia). The brand has seen over 500,000 visitors walk through their doors in just under 12 months.

Talking about the public announcement, executive chairman David Ciclitira said “this marks a momentus point in a successful year and now gives the company the ability to continue to grow.”

2017 has undoubtedly been a great year for the brand and the Company. Its trademark interactive events, themed around the world of LEGO® creativity and building clearly hold a global appeal and there shows no sign of the demand slowing as in 2018 BRICKLIVE aims to have over 30 events worldwide with a longer term target of over 100 shows per year in 2020.

Daily Mail

A colourful infographic on BRICKLIVE events featured in the Daily Mail’s coverage. The online and print formats have the UK’s highest reach with an average of 16.8 million individuals reached per month (April ’16-March ’17)

Daily Telegraph

The listing was featured on the front page of the Business section.

The Sun

Another prominent position at the front of the City pages for the Live Company in Britain’s second most popular newspaper.

Proactive Investors - share price goes vertical 

Parallel Media Group acquires Brick Live and Parallel Live as it brings BRICKLIVE to AIM

David Ciclitira interviewed by Andrew Scott of Proactive Investors

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