LVCG continues to grow its market presence and enhance its reputation throughout Japan by simultaneously running two BRICKLIVE events over the past few days. The cities of Shizouka and, for the first time Akihabara both opened their doors on Saturday 11th August to crowds of BRICKLIVE fans ready to enjoy the interactive content.

Both events ran across the weekend with Akihabara running until today, while Shizouka finished yesterday. Both shows were very well attended, as the content continues to inspire all to learn, build and play, featuring BRICKLIVE’s staple brick pits, LEGO® Star Wars Zone, race tracks, graffiti wall and more.

David Ciclitira: Executive Chairman of LVCG, said: “We are delighted to see this exciting expansion within Japan. Together with Korea, where we first began our international expansion, Bricklive Japan continues to grow its number of shows this year. It is such a great achievement to
see the brand continue to grow.”

You can download a copy of this release on our RNS page. 


LVCG announces that it has secured the first three locations for BRICKLIVE Lite shows in Korea, following the concept’s announcement in June as a new brand extension consisting of temporary and smaller events or exhibitions, staged in venues including shopping centres and hotels. With fun, interactive activities for participants to get involved in, there are two 100 sqm shows at the Jeju Lotte Hotel (July to September) and the Busan Lotte Hotel (July to August), and a 825 sqm show at the Munwha Broadcasting Corporation in Daegu (July to October).

More for fans to do in Korea

Designed to provide the BRICKLIVE experience but on a temporary basis, the BRICKLIVE Lite shows tap into a newmarket with two of the secured locations in hotels. Content for the shows continues to inspire all to learn, build and play, featuring BRICKLIVE’s staple brick pits, LEGO® Star Wars Zone, race tracks, graffiti wall and more.

LVCG is also bolstering its Korean market offering with the addition of two new centres. Located at the Hilton Hotel Gyeongju and Hanwha Resort GuoJe Belvedere, the centres will serve as new permanent spaces.


The news comes as BRICKLIVE also today announces an expansion of its interactive experiences to the Dominican Republic with Latin American partner EXIM-Entertainment Division LLC in October, following its successacross Brazil and Argentina. The show will debut in Santo Domingo and will be presented in a 2,000sqm space of Sambil Santo Domingo’s shopping mall. Enabling participants to enjoy the trademark activities within BRICKLIVE’s building zones, from building spaceships in the LEGO® Star Wars Zone to racing their own cars on a real race track, leading Dominican toy store La Novia de Villa will also be installing various models of LEGO® statues and product collections at the BRICKLIVE exhibition’s entrance.

David Ciclitira, Executive Chairman of LVCG, said: “The growing relationship with our Korean partner HiBrick continues to be fundamental to the growth of the business, and we’re delighted to announce the addition of two new centres as well as the first three locations for our BRICKLIVE Lite shows. We’re hugely focused on continuing to expand our presence internationally, so the launch of our Dominican Republic show is also a very important one for the business, and we’re very much looking forward to it being brought to life in October.”

You can download a copy of this release from our RNS page. 


National Stadium, Beijing

The Company is pleased to announce that the BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise show, created by BRICKLIVE Touring, will begin a three-year, twenty city tour of China, beginning on 7 September 2018 at the world-famous National Stadium in Beijing, also known as the Birds Nest Stadium.

LVCG’s wholly-owned subsidiary Brick Live International Limited (“BLI”) has entered into a licence agreement with Bricklive Centre Education Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd (“BLC”), the Group’s 49%-owned joint venture in China, for the exclusive right to sub-license the staging and promotion of BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise in China. 

Pursuant to the agreement, BLC has entered into a sub-licencing agreement the with Decheng Holding Industrial Co., Ltd (company no: 911101083181089867) (“Decheng”) for the organisation and staging of the tour shows across the 20 venues until September 2021. In addition, Decheng has an option to extend the sub-licencing agreement for a further 3 years on the same terms, to take the show to an additional 20 cities. The total value to BLI of the initial 3-year contract is US$3.1 million, comprising both content and show licence fees.

The creation of this BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise show has been funded by BLC, and under the agreement with Decheng, BLC receives a guaranteed percentage of sponsorship and ticket revenue. 

The preservation of rare animals is a crucial topic for China at the moment and so the aim of this new tour is an educational one. BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise will feature a spectacular array of more than 60 LEGO built animal models and will serve as an ideal learning through play platform, through which to engage both children and adult visitors alike. The event will bring together both physical and digital educational experiences.

David Ciclitira, Chairman said: "This tour represents the culmination of everything we have worked and aimed for. Coupled with the launch of the new contract in Korea at the end of June, the BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise tour demonstrates that we have truly captured the world’s attention with BRICKLIVE. To be pairing this presence with the pressing issue of protecting endangered species is immensely rewarding.”

Sarah Chong, JV Partner, said: “This venture is extremely exciting. China’s appreciation for enhancing educational coupled with the national focus on endangered species makes it the perfect location to tour with such an impressive event output.”

You can download a copy of this release from our RNS page. 



Grimaldi Forum, Monaco

LVCG is pleased to announce a partnership with the Grimaldi Forum for the launch of BRICKLIVE Monaco Christmas.

Following the success of BRICKLIVE Christmas in London’s Saatchi Gallery in 2017, BRICKLIVE Christmas will launch in Monaco at the principality’s prestigious, Grimaldi Forum, to offer fans the ultimate brick-building experience for the entire family during the Christmas holidays.

BRICKLIVE Christmas will showcase all the best bits of BRICKLIVE shows in 2018. Activities will include an interactive build zone featuring LEGO Friends bricks and a dance zone, a Monaco build map with all the favourite construction bricks, colourful brick pits with 250,000 bricks to create with, a 10m graffiti wall, the famous race ramps for visitors to race their creations and much, much more. From Christmas and creative build zones, through a dedicated Star Wars Zone, to Minecraft and Galactic adventures, each zone will provide a different brick-based, interactive activity for fans to build their dream creations.

The main attraction of the event will be the impressive, professionally built Animal Paradise LEGO® statues along with a selection of Christmas themed builds.

To announce this launch, on Monday 9th July BRICKLIVE staged a pop-up at the Grimaldi Forum, featuring five amazing life size LEGO models – the elephant, tiger, leopard, gorilla, and a lion. After learning that the elephant alone took 271,000 bricks and 1,600 LEGO bricks to build, local press such as Monaco Matin were invited to a preview of the five fantastic animals which will be featured as part of the upcoming BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise Tour in Korea.  

David Ciclitira, Chairman said: “Following the success of BRICKLIVE Christmas in Saatchi Gallery, we are delighted we are progressing with this event, particularly in Monaco. This is a partnership with The Grimaldi Forum and we hope that this will become a tradition for Monaco for a number of years. Over the Christmas and New Year period many come to Monaco from Cote D’Azur and Italy, so this is a key date and market for us and is a great opportunity.” 

Sylvie Biancheri, Managing Director the Grimaldi Forum said: “At the Grimaldi Forum we have been looking to set up a stand out exhibition for some time. We first saw BRICKLIVE in Basel and so there was no doubt that we wanted the show to join us. We look forward to working with the BRICKLIVE team on this and for years to come.”

You can download a copy of this release from our RNS page. 


Today BRICKLIVE announces the launch of the first BRICKLIVE CENTRE in Fulong, China. The centre is filled with an array of great BRICKLIVE favourites, as well as some new, specially commissioned models such as a life size Polar Bear, a skier in bright red, an orange dragon and even our very own LEGO Curling game!

Our founder Clive Norgaard Morton was invited to attend the Press Preview and to cut the opening ribbon! The day was attended by over 100 Press and Journalists, along with specially invited children and their families.

Clive said, 'It is such an incredible experience to be here. The partners have really embraced the BRICKLIVE brand and have transformed this space into something truly amazing. Coming from the beginning of this journey it is such a pleasure to continue to spread the BRICKLIVE message across so many different regions and Fans' 

The BRICKLIVE Group’s Press Officer Mark Guest visited the Fulong site while it was still under construction and you can read his report here:


LVCG is pleased to update that the following dates for events in July 2018 have now been confirmed:

- 4th July – opening of the first BRICKLIVE Centre at the Fulong resort in China

- 7th – 22nd July – BRICKLIVE show in Rosario, Argentina with South American partner EXIM Entertainment

- 10th July – launch of the first BRICKLIVE Kids Café in Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul, South Korea

- 12th – 22nd July – BRICKLIVE show in Cordoba, Argentina with South American partner EXIM Entertainment

- 19th -22nd July – BRICKLIVE show in Glasgow, Scotland with UK partner Multiplay

- 26- 29th July – BRICKLIVE show in Bangkok, Thailand with ASEAN partner BEC-Tero Entertainment 

David Ciclitira: Executive Chairman at Live Company Group, said: “BRICKLIVE has a global footprint and, together with the first animal paradise show at the Busan International Film Festival, the events that we have coming up in July is testament to the journey we have taken over the past two years. The events we are confirming are significant shows for us; with the inclusion of two brand extensions they solidify the aims of LVCG this year.” 

You can download a copy of this release from our RNS page. 


LVCG is pleased to announce the publication of the 2017 Annual Report and Results. You’ll find the Annual Report on our Reports page and the Results on our RNS page. 


Similar models at a 2017 show

LVCG announces that, on 28 June 2018, its wholly-owned subsidiary Bricklive Touring Limited entered into a show licence agreement (the “Agreement”) with Oracle Projects International Co. Limited (“Oracle”) and Live Digital, Inc. Limited (“Live Digital”) (together, the “Licensee”), each being companies incorporated in South Korea, in relation to the staging and promotion of the BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise shows, initially in South Korea and Macau, with the option for Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong with additional annual licence fees.

Full size elephant

BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise will be the first Bricklive Touring exhibition, and is designed to educate the LEGO fan community about endangered species, featuring more than 60 LEGO animals, including a full-size African elephant and a Mako shark.

The Agreement will first bring BRICKLIVE to the Busan International Film Festival in South Korea. This will consist of a precursor to BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise running from July 2018 to November 2018, and an experiential BRICKLIVE, featuring LEGO wizard and Knight Models, to run until February 2019. BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise will follow launching in Macau over the Christmas period and hosted within Oracle’s specially built Mega Dome.

Amazingly detailed models

David Ciclitira: Executive Chairman at Live Company Group, said: “It is extremely exciting to be growing our offering in the Far East. As a location, Korea is the creative hub of BRICKLIVE and it has been the incubator for many BRICKLIVE initiatives since the beginning. The Bricklive Touring contract outlines exactly the journey that BRICKLIVE is going on as we mature as a business and an offering. It represents a new form of BRICKLIVE that is sophisticated and has a longer shelf life. It will feature more models and the touring style widens the audience dramatically.”

Katherine Chung, Director of Development, Oracle Projects: “The new format for this BRICKLIVE show is brilliant. The Mega Dome is a spectacular setting and will make the experience even more of an event and draw in crowds. Added to this is the location; Busan is the second city of Seoul and is growing rapidly in terms of wealth and population.”

A copy of this announcement is available on our RNS page.

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