LVCG announces that, on 14 June 2018, its wholly-owned subsidiary Brick Live International Limited (“BLI”) entered into a new licence and content lease agreement (the “New Agreement”) with HiBrick Limited (“HiBrick”) and Brick Live World Limited (“BWL”), each being companies incorporated in South Korea and controlled by Reon Kim, a substantial shareholder in LVCG, in relation to certain BRICKLIVE events in South Korea.


The New Agreement provides an extension of the contractual arrangements between BLI and HiBrick and BLW in South Korea, ensuring event output until 31st December 2022. The previous licence agreement between BLI and BLW, which was due to expire on 25 January 2021, has been terminated concurrently with the signing of the New Agreement.

Under the terms of the New Agreement, HiBrick will retain exclusivity in South Korea provided a minimum number of BRICKLIVE centres (permanent) and BRICKLIVE Lite shows (temporary) are opened or staged each calendar year. Additionally, the New Agreement wavers the previous exclusivity of other BRICKLIVE brand extensions within South Korea.
BRICKLIVE Lite is a new brand extension which consists of temporary and smaller events between 400-1,000sqm to be staged in venues such as shopping malls, typically for 10 days or less.

A Permanent BRICKLIVE centre

The New Agreement allows Hi Brick and BLI to work together to sublicense the brand, seeking additional partners to promote BRICKLIVE centres and BRICKLIVE Lite shows in the territory. In this regard, BLI will continue to look for partnership opportunities for BRICKLIVE Touring within the territory.

Lots of building ahead

David Ciclitira, Executive Chairman of LVCG: “Our relationship with our partner in Korea has been fundamental to the growth of the business. HiBrick’s investment in the business has led to Mr Kim becoming the second largest shareholder in LVCG and so we are delighted that we are announcing an extension of his agreement. HiBrick has also been fundamental to developing the educational elements of bricklive in Asia which is expected to further evolve later this year through a new BL Group subsidiary called Bricklive Education. On behalf of the Group, we would like to thank him for his support. As BRICKLIVE continues to expand it is great to show that our partner network is strong and excited about moving forward together with the Group”,

Reon Kim, Chairman Hi Brick: “We are very pleased with our investment in BRICKLIVE and look forward to our continued relationship. It has been a pleasure to work with the team in the UK and we look forward to more exciting opportunities in the future.”

A copy of this announcement is available on our RNS page.


LVCG is pleased to announce the launch of the BRICKLIVE ASEAN Tour with a show in Jakarta, Indonesia, running for ten days from 7th – 17th June 2018.

The impressive BRICKLIVE stage

The show will be hosted in and split across two floors of the impressive PIK Avenue lifestyle and shopping mall in Jakarta.

The event is being run in partnership with Thai entertainment conglomerate, BEC-Tero Entertainment Public Company Limited.

Sponsorship of the event is coming from Tokopedia, an online retailer. Tokopedia are using virtual reality to engage audiences using VR technology in PIK Avenue with LEGO-themed stands throughout the mall.

The official bank sponsor is CIMB Niaga, who have a digital lounge in the shopping centre featuring BRICKLIVE promotional content. Additionally, they are promoting the shows throughout their various channels.

Other sponsorship comes in the form of a media and communications partnership with In Season. There are 12 other media partners including, 90.4 Cosmopolitan FM, and

BRICKLIVE Press Officer Mark Guest interviewed before opening

Neil Thompson, CEO, BECTERO: “We are all very excited that we are able to launch the BRICKLIVE Tour in Asia. Jakarta is going to be a first great event and we are looking forward to taking the tour to Thailand and then travelling to Malaysia and Singapore in November.”

David Ciclitira, Executive Chairman of LVCG: “To begin the ASEAN tour with such a strong ten-day show in the prestigious PIK Avenue demonstrates our belief in BRICKLIVE and our ambitions for the brand. The event incorporates such an impressive variety of attractions, from dancing to VR, adding to the universal appeal of the BRICKLIVE offering. That we have been able to secure specially commissioned models as teasers of the ASEAN Tour locations to come is particularly exciting and we cannot wait to take the show around the region.”

A copy of this announcement is available on our RNS page.


LVCG is pleased to announce the launch in China of BRICKLIVE Kids, the latest venture in the expansion of the BRICKLIVE brand.

BRICKLIVE Kids will be a permanent childcare crèche, where children can enjoy BRICKLIVE’s classic brick pits in a space of around 100sqm, and will have the safety of full time supervision whilst parents go shopping.

A five-year non-exclusive contract has been signed by Bricklive Centre Education Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd, Bricklive Group’s joint venture partners in China, with Zhuang Xiang Education Consultant (Beijing) Company Ltd. 

BRICKLIVE Kids is coming to Beijing

The first BRICKLIVE Kids will launch at the end of 2018 at New Yansha mall in Beijing, China, with plans to launch 5 additional BRICKLIVE Kids locations over the next 5 years.

David Ciclitira: Executive Chairman at Live Company Group, said: “The BRICKLIVE brand continues to prove its versatility and BRICKLIVE centres now feature in cities around the world in venues ranging from ski resorts to shopping malls. LEGO® bricks are used throughout Chinese educational practices and so to be able to tap into the awareness of how it can help children is a prospect we relish and one we are sure will be a huge success.”

A copy of this announcement is available for download on our RNS page.  


LVCG is pleased to announce that BRICKLIVE Kids’ Café is launching next month in the world famous and neo-futuristic Dongdaemun Design Plaza (“DDP”) in Seoul, South Korea.

Working in partnership with Korean food Celebrity Hino, BRICKLIVE Kids Café will be a permanent venue featuring magnificent LEGO® animals such as a leopard, a lion cub, two macaws and the fan-favourite Feed the Frog game. As well as the dramatic models, the café will also feature BRICKLIVE’s top attractions, including a brick pit, an interactive graffiti wall and racetracks. 

The venue for the Café is itself immensely impressive. DDP is a major urban development landmark in Seoul, and a cultural hub in the historical district of Dongdaemun, South Korea's largest fashion district and popular tourist destination. Designed by British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, winner of the 2004 Pritzker Prize, the DDP was one of the driving forces behind Seoul's designation as World Design Capital in 2010 and it has been lauded as the new hub for design and modern culture in South Korea.

Hino is well known in Korea for designing, creating and launching brands and restaurants around Korea and the Far East. As a result, she is the perfect partner as BRICKLIVE looks to engage new demographics around the world. 

David Ciclitira, Executive Chairman at Live Company Group, said: “Having signed the contract for the launch of 100 Kids’ Cafés by 2022 across China, we are delighted to launch the first BRICKLIVE Kids’ Café in Korea, marking a new license strand for the Brick Live Group. As Korea’s presence on the global stage grows, we are excited to be working with Hino at launch to help amplify the BRICKLIVE brand among new audiences and current fans. To be able to help the BRICKLIVE brand grow with a permanent presence in the spectacular DDP is an opportunity we are looking forward to seeing develop.”

You can read the full statement on the BRICKLIVE Kids’ Café on our RNS page and listen to an interview with David Ciclitira about the new Kids’ Café in Seoul here:


LVCG is pleased to announce the launch of Brick Live International Limited’s latest venture: BRICKLIVE Kids’ Club, having signed a three-year contract with South Korea’s Haevichi Hospitality Guam Inc. 

BRICKLIVE Kids’ Club will be a permanent hotel fixture, creating a colourful 100sqm play zone with 18,000 bricks. It will include a brick pit, BRICKLIVE Build Zones featuring LEGO® Friends and City bricks, a graffiti wall and race track zone.

The concept is a mini version of the two larger BRICKLIVE Centres already located in shopping centres in Seoul.

David Ciclitira, executive chairman at Live Company Group, said: “BRICKLIVE Kids’ Club is another exciting opportunity for BRICKLIVE. Built for LEGO® enthusiasts, BRICKLIVE shows have quickly become some of the world’s fastest growing LEGO-based experiences worldwide and we are very excited to extend mini BRICKLIVE hubs into hospitality spaces to make BRICKLIVE even more accessible. I am personally passionate about providing a learning environment where children can experience that there is no limit to their creativity – so launching a club especially for kids, with the opportunity to scale via our network, felt like a natural step.” 

You can read the full statement on the BRICKLIVE Kids’ Club on our RNS page. 

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